Superflow Engine Dyno

Advanced Racing Engines tests and tunes all of our engine builds on our in-house Superflow Engine Dyno. Our Dyno Facility features fresh-air circulation and climate control to create the repeatability needed to successfully test an engine. 

  • At this time, we only dyno our built engines. We do not dyno outside engines not built here in house.
  • We do not dyno with EFI systems. Our fuel system is not set up for EFI, and the Dyno can not simulate all the Part Throttle/Load Ranges needed to fully tune for EFI.
  • If you plan to have your engine dyno tested after we build it, please call beforehand and verify that you bring everything we will need to run the engine.
  • Current Dyno Labor Pricing is $850/Day + Materials/Consumbles (Oil, Fuel, Spark Plugs, etc.)