Advanced Racing Engines offers the following in-house services to our customers. Please note we do not perform stock rebuild work anymore, nor do we perform any Diesel Engine Work. We strictly work on Performance Automotive/Competition Engines at this point in time.

Expedite Labor is available at our discretion. An Expedite Fee in the amount of the standard labor charge for the given procedure(s) will apply.

  • Hot Tank Cleaning & Pressure Washing
  • Magnafluxing (Magnetic Particle Crack Inspection)
  • Pressure Testing for Cylinder Heads
  • CNC Cylinder Block Surfacing w/ Bank Angle Correction
  • CNC Cylinder Block Boring w/ Location Correction
  • CNC Line Boring w/ Thrust Cutting Capability
  • CNC Lifter Bore Machining (Including Lifter Bore Bushing Installation)
  • CNC O-Ring Groove/ Receiver Groove Machining
  • Precision Cylinder Honing w/ Sunnen Honing Equipment (Torque Plates Available for Several Engines!)
  • Precision Align Honing w/ Sunnen Honing Equipment
  • Crankshaft Grinding
  • Crankshaft Polishing
  • Rotating Assembly Balancing
  • Connecting Rod Servicing (Housing Bore Resizing & Pin End Reconditioning)
  • CNC Cylinder Head Surfacing
  • Competition Valve Jobs
  • Seat & Guide Servicing (for Performance/Aftermarket Heads)
  • Custom Spring Pocket Machining
  • Custom Cylinder Head & Intake Porting w/ Flowbench Testing
  • Complete Engine Assembly
  • Superflow Engine Dyno Break-In, Testing & Tuning