Our Facility

Located at 1206 N. Ninth St. in Salina, KS, Advanced Racing Engines is a 16,000 Square Foot Facility with everything you could desire from a Speed Shop.

-Retail Showroom with various performance parts, oils, lubricants, fuel jugs, and more

-Racing Fuel Trailer with various types of Race Gas and Methanol on hand at all times

-Stock Room with Internal Engine Parts, Gasket Sets, Piston Ring Kits, Engine Bearing Sets, AN Hoses & Fittings, and more

-Disassembly & Cleaning Area featuring two Jet Cabinets (Iron & Aluminum), as well as other Cleaning Tanks & Pressure Washer

-Head Machining Area featuring a DCM Seat & Guide Machine, KI Head Assembly Bench, & Storm Vulcan Surfacer

-Head Porting/Seat Grinding Area featuring a Kwik Way Valve Grinder, and various assortments of Seat Grinding Equipment & Porting Equipment

-Balancing & Connecting Rod Area featuring a Hines Balancer, Sunnen Rod Heater, Sunnen Rod Hone, and Sunnen Cap Grinder

-Crankshaft Service Area featuring a Biper Crankshaft Grinder, Crankshaft Polisher, and Crankshaft Magnafluxing equipment

-Cylinder Block Machining Area featuring a T&S Block Master CNC Machine, Sunnen Line Hone, and Sunnen CV-616 Cylinder Hone

-General Machining Area featuring a Bridgeport 3 Axis Manual Mill, and Okuma Engine Lathe

-Engine Assembly Room with all tools and equipment needed for Assembly (Separated from the Machine Shop for a clean assembly environment)

-Dyno Facility featuring a Superflow 902 Engine Dynamometer with Climate Control and Safe Viewing Area