About Advanced Racing Engines

Marc and Stephan

The origin of Advanced Racing Engines began in the 1960’s, in the small town of New Cambria, KS. Donnie Brown opened Brown Automotive, and quickly became well known as one of the best engine builders in the Midwest. Throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s Donnie expanded his knowledge with his own Drag Racing career. His innovation and intricate, detailed methods made him a formidable competitor for other engine builders, as well as other racers at the track.

During this time, a young Marc Brown would begin to find his home away from home in the shop. Marc will frequently recount stories from his childhood, disassembling engines when he was too small to lift cylinder heads off the block, using the chain hoist for some extra muscle. The following years of Marc’s childhood would see him in the shop nearly every day, becoming well-versed in every procedure in the machining and engine building process. He developed an unrelenting eye for detail and precision that would quickly be recognized as a critical component in building successful engines.

In 1983, an opportunity arose and Donnie made the move to purchase a large shop in Salina, leaving behind the small shop in New Cambria which Brown Automotive had outgrown years prior. The mid to late 1980’s would see Donnie and Marc working in tandem with their small team of employees to continue building the reputation and growing the abilities of the business. During the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Marc raced a Dirt Late Model which led to testing many different engine combinations on the track. This further developed the knowledge needed to build successful racing engines, matching the engine to its exact application use as well as the driving style of the racer.

In 1995, Marc took ownership of the business and incorporated as Advanced Engine Machine Inc. It was at this time, he chose to end his racing career on the Dirt Track, to dedicate his full attention to his business. Today, Marc and his son Stephan work alongside a hand-chosen team of individuals who have strengthened our name and reputation as one of the best Race Engine shops in the nation.

Advanced Racing Engines versatility stands proven with over 50 years of experience, and dominating wins in several types of racing including Street, Drag, Drag Boat, Mud Race, Truck Pulling, and Dirt Track. From a street 383 Small Block to 1500+ Horsepower 2JZ's and 10,000 RPM Big Blocks... We are your source for power.