What does Advanced Racing Engines do?

We machine and build Performance/Competition Engines for people across the country. We also stock many performance parts and several different race fuels and oils.


What is your lead time?

Surface Cylinder Heads 3-5 Days

General Machine Work ( Bore/Hone & Deck Block, Balance Rotating Assembly ) 2 Weeks-1 Month

Complete Engine Build ( Mild Performance ) 3-6 Months

Complete Engine Build ( High Performance/Competition ) 6 Months-1 Year

Complete Engine Build ( Custom/Extreme Competition ) Call for lead time


I need to drop off an engine for a build, can I just show up or do I need to set an appointment?

Please call us and verify our schedule and workload before coming to drop off. If we are at capacity on jobs, we will have to put you on a wait list or refer you to another shop. Once you have received approval to bring your engine, any time during our normal business hours is perfect for drop off.


Do you rebuild stock engines?

We no longer rebuild stock engines, or refresh stock cylinder heads. The only exclusions to this are vintage restoration builds with a very flexible time frame.


Do you work on diesel engines?

We do not perform any machine work or rebuild services on diesel engines. We also do not stock or sell any parts for diesel engines.


What do I need to do to start a build?

Contact us regarding what you want to build, we will create an estimate for you to review. If you wish to proceed, we require 100% parts cost down. You will pay for the labor portion of the bill upon completion of your project.


Can I supply my own parts?

You are welcome to supply your own parts for any job that is exclusively machine work. However, you are responsible for any additional machining time/costs caused by low quality parts. Assembly is up to our discretion, if we believe the provided parts are sub-par, we may refuse to assemble. This is strictly to protect our reputation against receiving the blame for failures or poor performance.


Is it better for me to disassemble my engine before bringing it in, or have you do it?

It is best to allow us to disassemble the engine, that way everything can be evaluated and organized in the way that we do it here. Additionally, if the engine is complete when you bring it in, all parts will be accounted for and present. All too many times, we have had customers lose parts in their garage, and claim we lost their parts. This has cost us a ton of time over the years, looking for parts that were never here in the first place.


I want to check the status on my build, what is the best way to do that?

Please send an email to advancedracingengines@yahoo.com and we will do our best to get back with you in a timely manner. We highly advise against calling on a daily/weekly basis to check in. We definitely understand it is a very exciting process, and you are ecstatic to get your engine home, but this is extremely disruptive to our work flow, and only adds time to the build process.

I forgot or lost my maintenance information for my Advanced Racing Engines built engine, what do I do?

Please email us at advancedracingengines@yahoo.com or call us at 785-825-6684! We keep extensive documentation on specifications, tuning, and maintenance information for every engine we build/dyno. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, we want your time with that engine to be long, healthy, and enjoyable!